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What is Patrioticbets?

PatrioticBets is a combination of many things. But to sum it all up into a few words Finance, Patriotism, and changing the social norm for investors. We are a brand that does not care about where you come from or what your Instagram or Twitter following is Patriotic bets is a safe space for all like-minded investors looking to be a part of a community where they can share ideas and thoughts with each other and be apart of something bigger.

Whether you want to play it safe and keep your money in your Roth ira for 40 years or you want to leverage your position and purchase 100 options contracts that expire the same day you can guarantee patriotic bets will be there too give you a pat on the shoulder and say stonks only go up and buy the dip because investing in your governments economy is truly a patriotic bet.

The Creator and Founder of Patrioticbets.com Arran Taylor otherwise known by his handle @patrioticbetsprez first got the general idea when the popular Reddit community r/wallstreetbets first shocked the finance and investing community by bringing people together to drive Gamestops stock up effectively reviving the dying companies shares. He knew right then and there that the way stocks and finance would be talked about would change forever. On July 4th, 2021 (yes it actually happened on this date) the logo and domain name for patrioticbets.com was created and has been growing ever since with blogs, informative stories, memes, and much more content along the way.

We hope that you believe in our mission and look forward to seeing what the future has to offer

Founder/CEO-Arran Taylor